Come and see!


For up to two weeks Bucharest will host the largest international photography festival and will be more visual than ever.

Save the dates: Oct 1 – 12, 2019.

Our activity in few steps:

• During the festival’s exhibitions you will be able to see the works of exceptional Romanian and international artists;
• Up to 35-40 events during this edition  • exhibitions  • debates  • master classes  • book releases  • film screenings  • showcase artist portfolio  • workshops;

• Our activities will be available in many locations: cultural institutions, pubs, cinema venues educational institutions, housing clubs, non-governmental institutions and public spaces;

• PRESERVING: human being, nature, culture. This is the current theme;

• Big names worldwide: to be announced.

What do you think?

And can you imagine taking part in this unique event?
If so, join our volunteer program immediately! If you are hesitating, then remember that willingness and enthusiasm to co-operate is what matters the most. You do not need to know anything about photography or take photographs. You decide in what time frame you want to help us, it can be either 1 hour or 10 hours a week, you can help with one or many events.
We really care about your help and we want to get to know you better.

We will try to make the time you spend with as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

Together, we will be a part of a awesome and unforgivable story. Come and see!

As part of your volunteering you will:

• receive a voluntary agreement and confirmation of volunteering for your activity • work with interesting, passionate people at a unique cultural event • have the opportunity to gain experience and skills related to the realization of a cultural project • have the possibility of direct contact with artists, our team or partners • participate in the meetings for Festival organizers • have the opportunity to meet nice people and to spend a great time

To join our team please send us an email and you will receive our reply asap.

The organizational meeting will take place at the begging of September (please consider your availability at this time). We will inform you about the details by e-mail or telephone.

Don’t forget to give us all details about your skills, availability and contact info.

All the application will be received by email.